TAALDEF Working Behind the Scenes

During the 2011 Texas Legislative session, TAALDEF arranged meetings to introduce representatives of Judicial Watch to key Texas legislators who were knowledgeable of the Falcon Lake event which resulted in the death of David Hartley.   Later, TAALDEF made the initial contact to connect our friends at Judicial Watch with Tiffany Hartley resulting in a very important relationship which will benefit Texas and its citizens on many levels.    

Judicial Watch Client Tiffany Hartley, Widow of American Killed in Border Violence, to Testify at Congressional Field Forum

Article Excerpts Follow:  

On September 16, Judicial Watch filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the Department of State, Department of Justice and the FBI to obtain all government records pertaining to the September shooting, including Obama administration communications with their Mexican law enforcement officials, military authorities, and other Mexican officials.

Mrs. Hartley and Judicial Watch also participated in a May 12, 2011, Washington, DC press conference hosted by Congressman Poe to bring attention to the investigation of David Hartley’s murder.

(Direct link: http://www.judicialwatch.org/news/2011/sep/judicial-watch-client-tiffany-hartley-widow-american-killed-border-violence-testify-co)

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